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Picture of Priya Lakhani OBE

Priya Lakhani OBE

Founder/CEO, CENTURY Tech

Host & Keynote Speaker


Priya Lakhani is an entrepreneur who has founded a food business, a social enterprise, and now leads a company developing the latest artificial intelligence and big data technology to understand how the brain learns.

Having trained as a barrister, Priya left the legal profession to pursue her passion for business, founding the Masala Masala food brand and building it from a kitchen table idea to a line of products stocked in major supermarkets. She went on to establish a charity based on the model that for every unit of a product sold, a life-changing item (such as a meal, or a vaccination) was donated to those in need.

Priya’s next business, CENTURY Tech, is a company bringing together AI, neuroscience and education. CENTURY’s aim is to measure and simulate brain responses to tuition, analyse what works for whom and how, and ultimately produce personalised learning. By understanding how the brain learns and responds, educators can receive real-time insights, tailoring the learning experience and improving student performance.

Priya has worked with government as a member of the Department of Business, Education and Skills’ Entrepreneur Forum. She is a regular contributor to BBC News’ and BBC World News’ review of global headlines. She has also advised a number of education and skills organisations, and was named as an Entrepreneur of the Year and in Management Today’s ’35 Women Under 35’ list.