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Picture of Nitin Rai

Nitin Rai

Founder/MD, Elevate Capital

Keynote Speaker


Nitin Rai is the founder and managing director of Elevate Capital, based in Portland, Oregon.

Elevate prides itself on its inclusivity, investing more than $6m in 25 start-ups founded or led by diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest of the United States since 2016.

Nearly 60% of Elevate’s investments are in female-led companies, and 40% in start-ups founded or led by entrepreneurs from African and Latin-American backgrounds.

Nitin also serves as the chair of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) Global Board of Trustees, leading the mission to help its 60 plus global chapters ensure entrepreneurs become successful.

Additionally, under his leadership, TiE Oregon Angels has invested $15m in 50 seed stage start-ups with 10 liquidity events. He also chairs the TiE Global Angel network, which consists of over 200 TiE Angels globally.